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About us

Kourosh Kalhor

Born in1983

Graduate of Iran Conservatory of Seda va Sima ( Television Graphics)
Graduated from Kamal Al-Molk Conservatory (Photography)
Graduated from Soroush college of Animation
Graduated from the field of photography and filmming under the supervision of professors in the field from 2002 to 2014
Koroush Kalhor has started photography since 1998 and has continued to pursue this art. Social Documentary Photography is the main branch of his photography . In this section he has traveled in Iran to register his collections.
Koroush has traveled to cities from northern Iran to southern Iran by studying the history and different climates of Iran and has acquired different experiences with the customs of the Iranian people. he has taken a simple look for collect his photo collection at people’s lives to over the years
In Iran, people with different customs are trying to make an easy living for themselves and their families, so Koroush has tried to register his works till he can record this sampel life with his own look.
The collection of his patented works can be pointed to the collection of (fish and fishing) – (tree) – (portrait) and so on. Along with social documentary photography, Cyrus Kalhor has also worked in several other areas of photography over the years, including theater photography -film photography and advertising photography.
He has worked directly with a larg number of theatrical groups in the field of theater photography and has officially for them .
 The seventh sun 2010
 Bad sleep time of Hurayyah 2011
 Cool end of memory 2011
 the Great Remulus 2011

 The last tale of Farhad 2012
 I am born every day 2012
 Entrance forbidden for men 2012
 Missing OSENE 2014
 dead people 2014
 Terminal-2015
 Everyday as always 2015
 Sunny Night 2015
 On outbound flights – 2016
 Quiet Home-2017
 Temptatio and Seven Minutes-2009
In the film photography section he has worked with filmmaking groups as a film photographer
 There was one there was no one 2008
 Prophet Shops 2009
 Half broken 2010
 From Taherabad to Naderabad 2011
 Underwater 2012
 War-2015
He has also taken numerous promotional photos for manufacturing companies
Koroush has been worked in a number of television and documentary projects and … as a first assistant cameraman.
 Setayesh Serial 2009
 35kg Gold 2010
 Wolf 2012
 Lords 2012
 Good Bad Ugly-2015
 A special trip-2016
 Kish Island Documentary – 2007
 Fear-2017

He has worked with filmmaking teams on a number of projects as a director of filming
 Short film Look 2008
 Seventy Peaks of Arak Documentary 2009
 Short Film Escape 2010
 Short film behind the ditch 2010
 Short film Long Nightmare 2010
 Short film overtime 2010
 Black wear Excellency Documentary 2014
 Persepolis Documentary 2014
 Qeshm Island Documentary 2016
 Oil tanker Documentary – 2016
 the Tourism Convention Documentary -2007
 Russian World Cup Documentary 2008
Koroush has also produced four short and semi-short films as a director in 2009-2012.
 Disobedient
 Maybe white maybe black
 Female
 the freedom