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Kourosh Kalhor (1983- Tehran , Iran)

Koroush Kalhor is an Iranian Photographer who started his career once he began his Degree in Graphic Design at Seda Sima School, and graduated from Soroush University as an Animator.


Koroush was born in 1983 in Tehran. He started working as a photographer at the age of 14, in 1997. He has produced collections of Social Documentary Photography since 2003 from variety cities of Iran such as Rasht, Anzali, Mahmoud Abad, Masouleh, Gorgan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Ahvaz, Qeshm, and Kish.


Besides Social Documentary Photography, having a lot of collaboration with different artists as a photographer /cinematographer in different fields such as theater, short film/features film, documentaries, series, and advertisements, helps him to be a freelance artist who travels from city to ctiy and works with different artists around the world.